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      As an individual travel tool on non-roadway and low-speed roadway, the advantages of Robin-M1 are as follows: 
      Robin-M1 has a small volume, which is as big as the projected area of human body. Undoubtedly, this greatly releases the pressure of current traffic in a crowded city. Robin-M1 is also very light, only 18.5 kg, and you can expect an even smaller volume after folding which will allow you to take wherever you go without worrying about parking space. You can put Robin-M1in the trunk as an expansion of your car.

Zero emission & no pollution
      All the power source of Robin-M1 comes from lithium battery, and Robin-M1 is convenient to charge by using power supply for household. You can enjoy driving about 30-40km at the speed of 10km/h-20km/h after charging, without any emission or any destruction to the environment.

Low energy consumption
      Robin-M1 has an extremely low cost----¥0.03/km per person, 20 times less than the cost of a car with displacement 1.2L, which is ¥0.63/km per person. Robin-M1 also saves more energy than electric vehicles because the mass of  Robin-M1 is only about 18.5kg whereas the weight of a traditional electric vehicle is more than 1 ton, which leads to more energy consumption due to its dead weight.

High efficiency
      Circular energy reserving system is another sparkle of Robin-M1. By utilizing the control module of gravity, Robin-M1 can brake and stop by judging the center of gravity rather than configuring a traditional brake system based on friction. And as a result, during the process of deceleration, kinetic energy converts to electric energy being stored in the battery without losing any heat energy due to friction. In a word, there is no energy waste.

Ideal Select
      Robin-M1 is an ideal and advanced travel tool in an extremely crowded city because of its small size, reliable security and unique driving technology. The innovation of its structure design is based on the principle that “A little body often harbors a great soul”. With the fast development of modern metropolis, Robin-M1 is now being accepted as a superb solution for individual travelling.

      Robstep robot Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company which bases on robot, segway, smart electric vehicle, mechanical and electrical products in China. Additionally, electronic equipment and electric automation equipment as well as the research and development of testing equipment are also included in its primary business. The company aims at integrating into the trend of “Internet of things” and exploiting a new age labeled as “Internet of vehicles” by electrization and intelligentizing, which will improve our lifestyle, Lead us into real low carbon life, and create a better, healthier and more comfortable environment. 
      Tenet:Robstep----improve pace by technology 

      Vision: Guiding smart, healthy and secure robot into every family.

       Robin-M1 will give a free will of action back to your body, no matter where you want to go, or how fast you want to travel. Robin-M1  can always read the desire from your mind according to the shift of your center of gravity, and in turn supply a prominent horizon which is superior to others. With all these advantages, it is easy for you to achieve a superb competence of grasp and control.
       With the increasing environmental deterioration, we also advocate green-journey, zero fuel consumption as well as zero emission, which is our latest solution to individual’s excursion in the near future. 
       In addition, considering the more and more crowded metropolis, we commit ourselves to design an alterable and flexible shape for Robstep in order to promote user’s experiences, including more comfortable space, healthier environment and higher speed.

On the way to work
       Although 6.2km is not a long distance, it is still my nightmare when I was blocked by the heavy traffic jam in the rushing hour. Endless noises from the auto horn made me insane, and the gloomy and boring waiting hours as well as diffused tail gas demolished my mood so that sometimes my wife and children had to get suffered from my complaints.
       However, Robin-M1 changes all these. Robin-M1 is no longer painful but pleasant when I drive from home to company. I thoroughly liberate myself from terrible traffic and enjoy the feeling of free traversing on the footpath, especially when a severe traffic jam is occurring beside me.

Exhibition/ Hall
       “The area of our exhibition hall is nearly 500,000 square meters, which makes me crazy every so often when I perambulate the hall.” manager Wang says. “However, thanks to the Robin-M1 , it is now a leisure time for me whenever the perambulation is needed because Robin-M1 is so convenient to bring me to any places as I wish. Robin-M1 can even help me transport certain lumbersome article which is too heavy for me to carry. Robin-M1 liberates me, indeed!”

Shopping & Playing
       I know this interesting place before, but this is the first time I come here. Thanks to Robin-M1 , it is Robin-M1 that help me discover so many wonderful and beautiful existences in my life.
      Robin-M1  help me get rid of the restriction from long distance, heavy bag and parking space. In the past, I had to spend more than 10 minutes to search for the parking space when I went to a supermarket to buy some toothpaste. However, this no longer occurs. Today I can take my precious Robin-M1  with me wherever I go. How delicate and convenient it is!
      During a long journey, I can even put Robin-M1 in the trunk, and every time when I get off the car, I’m happy to bring Robin-M1  with me and together look for those stunning landscapes covered by highways and mountains.
       On the Robin-M1 , you see a totally different world. With new surprise, new scenery and new friends, your life gets enlarged, and your mind leaps. ”On the Robin-M1, I can run around here and there for a whole day without feeling any weariness because I am always expecting something new!”
       Parking anywhere, turning any time, my Robin-M1 , my freedom!

In the park

       Every time I hear the exciting cheers and laughers from the people driving Robin-M1 in the park, I know that they have already found the essence of joy.

In the campus

       Cool! It’s hot-spots! It’s scenery! And it is the one that bring “Good Luck” to me!
       Every people was fascinated by its charm, and fell his knees to Robin-M1 bye its incredible magical experience.
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